What Executives Need to Know About the FDA & Cybersecurity

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    What Executives Need to Know About the FDA & Cybersecurity: Best Practices for Balancing Risk with Regulation

    In this 60-minute webcast, the New York Institute of Finance examines the latest information regarding the FDA, their recommendations regarding data security and cybersecurity, including best practices for balancing risk and regulation. This session is led by expert Mike Meikle (CEO - The Hawkthorne Group), and covers new technologies to ensure your company is taking advantage of the best available data security and management systems.

    What you will learn:

  • Everything you need to know in 60 minutes about the most important new forms of cybersecurity and data management available to executives so that your company's data will be safe and more secure against potential threats

  • A comprehensive overview of the FDA’s regulations, systems used for cybersecurity and data management, including the recently developed inter-cloud data security technology, and recent advances in cloud data management that executives need to know about

  • The questions most asked by executives about the new cybersecurity and data management technologies they need to know about to be the most up to date and secure

  • Case studies of other executives who have successfully implemented the latest cybersecurity and data management technologies, which systems have worked best, which have not worked well, their best tips and techniques, and important lessons learned that you need to be aware of
  • Recommend for

    Risk Managers, CEO, CIO, CRO, CCO, CSO, Director of Security, Information Security Advisors, Digital Security Directors, Brokerage Operations Managers, Self-Clearing Managers, Client Service Specialists, Brokerage Operations Business Analysts, Compliance and Risk Specialists, Director of Fraud Prevention, Forensics Investigations

    Thought Leaders

    The New York Institute of Finance is powered by a faculty of globally recognized experts in the risk & compliance field, including the former CEO of Regulation for the NYSE and the former CIO for Merrill Lynch.

    Mike Meikle

  • ceo - the hawkthorne group
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